1. Encuentro rules are widely known. It is an event for well-dancing tangueros, due to its specificity and form. Therefore, we will not conduct selections among those who want to join the encuentro.

2. We kindly inform you that we will accept 50 leaders and 50 followers, one hundred persons in total. Among them there will be: 20 solo leaders, 20 solo followers, 30 couples.

3. The rules on the dancefloor are well-known. We kindly ask you to follow them, so that everyone feels comfortable. Each Participant will receive the list of rules at the entrance.

> The seats on the sides of the dance floor are marked with two colors.

> Invitation to Mirada/Cabeceo

> Establish eye contact (male mirada) before joining in the Ronda

> Dance in your chosen path in the flow of the Ronda

> No high boleos or ganchos. Always keep your feet on the ground

> Move attentively in the smallest of spaces

> After a Tanda clear the centre

> Willingness to get to know previously unknown dancers.

4. ENCUENTRO above all is a MEETING, therefore the other places of the location are for socializing 🙂

5. The whole building is officially non-smoking.

6. There is a bar in the palace offering alcohol, so please do not bring your own drinks.